Aplus Payroll Management System

• Timely •Accuracy •Statutory Compliance

• Direct Integration with Time Attendance and Accounting

Aplus Payroll Management System main features include:

  • Multi-Company version.
  • Auto Payroll Calculation based on month, day, hour or piece work.
  • Configure payroll formula for each employee.
  • Calculate Bonus with ease.
  • Online Submission for EPF, SOSCO & LHDN via website.
  • Build-in Auto Bank System.
  • Generate Payroll Reports in just seconds.
  • Email Payslip to employee.
  • Manage Employees Salary Increment.
  • Integrate with Aplus Accounting Module & Time Management Module.

Comply with Government e-Filing requirement

Build-in Auto Bank System

What’s New In Aplus Payroll 2023?

1. New EIS Table
2. New SOCSO Table
i. New SOCSO Contribution Table
ii. New EIS Contribution Table
iii. Combined Report for SOCSO & EIS
iv. Combined text file for e-Filing

4. Update Leave Table
i. Maternity Leave 98 days
ii. Paternity Leave 7 days

5. Update Standard Payroll Formula
OT rate (OTR) change from 8 TO 7.5 to comply with new maximum working hours of 45 hours per week

6. Tuntutan Potongan Satu (TP1) Form For 2023 Updated

7. Tuntutan Potongan Tiga (TP3) Form For 2023 Updated

8. Calculating wages for incomplete month’s work in compliance with Employment Act (Amendment) 2022

Manage payroll from anywhere with Aplus Cloud Payroll

✔ No installation on user computer.

✔ Login with web browser.

✔ Daily auto backup.