Aplus Payroll Management System

Timely, Accuracy, Statutory Compliance
Direct Integration with Time Attendance and Accounting

Main Features

  • Multi-Company version.
  • Auto Payroll Calculation based on month, day, hour or piece work.
  • Configure payroll formula for each employee.
  • Calculate Bonus with ease.
  • Online Submission for EPF, SOSCO & LHDN via website.
  • Build-in Auto Bank System.
  • Generate Payroll Reports in just seconds.
  • Email Payslip to employee.
  • Manage Employees Salary Increment.
  • Integrate with Aplus Accounting Module & Time Management Module. 

Comply with Government e-Filing requirement

Build-in Auto Bank System

Manage payroll from anywhere with
Aplus Cloud Payroll

✔ No installation on user computer.

✔ Login with web browser.

Daily auto backup.