GST Accounting Q&A
  1. TX-CG is used for new asset acquired, but when the asset is disposed , what is the effect on accounting transaction and GST?  (Penang)
  2. Need to know more detail about gift rules transaction, can give some example?  (Penang)
  3. For supplier purchase bill, if our company did not use inventory system. Previously I key in creditor - purchase invoices. But now advise to key in Module-billing/invoicing-purchase invoices. SO WHAT IS THE DIFFERENT of key in method?  (Penang)
  4. If Sept '16 have gain and loss on exchange rate, end result is loss, so GST 03 form only capture net gain in exchange rate only?  (Penang)
  5. I try to key in supplier invoice in Module-billing/invoice. If I use this option, I need to key purchase item by item which is very time consuming. For sales invoices, we just bill customer with description "Electrical Job" ONLY. So, can I choose to key in Supplier invoice in Creditor-purchase invoices. And description with "Electrical Parts". Can I use the Creditor-purchase invoices to key in my purchase invoices?  (Penang)
  6. An official receipt is issued and wrongly mapping the overdue invoice that has been processed for AR bad debt relief;How to correct this mistake in order to ensure GST-03 return for item 5a , 5b ,17 and 18 is correct?  (Penang)
  7. Hi, any one use APLUS accounting system for GST? I need to submit the GST 03 before end of this month, anyone got guide line for Submit GST report for APLUS accounting software?  (Penang)
  8. How to enter Margin Scheme GST journal for Second Hand Goods?  (Penang)
  9. How to enter commission receipt from my supplier?  (Penang)
  10. How to enter payment of commission to your client?  (Penang)
  11. How to enter tax code IS?  (Sungai Petani)
  12. How to capture GST Accounting Treatment for Reverse Charge Mechanism for Service Obtained from Our HQ in Taiwan?  (Sungai Petani)
  13. Why my supplier Tax Invoice total GST amount is RM 81.50 and Aplus Purchase Invoice entry shown RM 81.51? (Seremban)
  14. How to change the GST submission period other than Monthly and Quarterly basis?
  15. Submitted GST record is not found ?